Breve: El Nuevo del Barrio ( Movimiento Islámico de Azawad )

La separación de grupos dentro de Ansar Dine es muy posible que sea deba a la presión de Francia sobre la zona de Argelia y de Mali con esta separación el Movimiento Islámico de Azawad (MIA) se convierte en el sexto grupo combatiendo en la zona, liderado por Alghabass Ag Intallah, ex hombre fuerte de Ansar Dine.

Se ha reportado que este nuevo grupo tendría la idea de combatir a sus antiguos aliados, se cree también que buscan negociar con el gobierno de Mali para encontrar una solución a su situación en la región, alegando que el grupo quiere combatir el “Extremismo y el Terrorismo”

Se conoce que existen muchas internas dentro de los grupos yihadistas. Y hasta en el mismo Al Qaeda en el Magreb Islámico  hubo separaciones, como es sabido uno de los grupos, el liderado por Mokthar Belmokhtar fue el autor de la toma de rehenes en el complejo gasifero de In Amenas, dando con este movimiento a conocer a su grupo “Aquellos que firman con Sangre”.

Muchos en el gobierno de Mali afirman que muchos combatientes no creo en la ideología de los grupos islamistas. Por lo cual muchos estarían buscando una salida, especialmente luego de  la operación Serval  en la que Francia ataco directamente la zona y en la que por este motivo ahora quedan en la región 3000 soldados de la coalición Francesa / Africana.

Ansar Dine tendría 800 mil seguidores dentro de las zonas controladas. Pero solo unos 1000 combatientes, esta cantidad de operativos es inferior a las fuerzas desplegadas contra los grupos como Ansar Dine según los datos que manejan los diarios franceses.


The Clinton Doctrine of American Foreign Policy

Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillar...

Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mrs. Clinton has been a very good but very cautious secretary of state, many analysts say — one who, for the most part, kept her distance from Afghanistan, Israel-Palestine and other seemingly intractable conflicts.

One State Department official, while praising Mrs. Clinton’s tenure, nonetheless looked forward to the arrival of Sen. John Kerry, her designated successor: “I came to admire Clinton as secretary of state, her focus on women and innovation in particular,” the official told me. “But am really happy to have someone in the job who does not retain political ambitions.” 

Look to the More Stable Neighbors

English: Sahara desert from space. Русский: Пу...

English: Sahara desert from space. Русский: Пустыня Сахара из космоса. Українська: Пустеля Сахара з космосу. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The fragile states of the Sahara and just below the desert pose significant challenges — not just for the United States and Europe, but also for the North African states themselves. The sources of their instability and conflict are complex and deeply rooted. Internally, they include institutional weakness and corruption, endemic poverty, sociopolitical tensions, unaddressed identity-based grievances, legacies of past abuses, and religious radicalization. External stresses include transnational organized crime and terrorism, weapons proliferation, foreign meddling, cross-border conflict spillover, and global economic shocks.

North Korea’s Socialist Winter: Engagement or Isolation?

Kim Il-sung s Poster

Kim Il-sung s Poster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pyongyang’s recent rocket launch has placed North Korea in the cross-hairs of the international community. The current standoff with the “Hermit Kingdom” threatens to stifle very real reforms already underway, as well as peace in the region.

The world’s attention has once again focused on North Korea following its controversial missile launch on December 12th, 2012 that successfully put a satellite into orbit to study crops and weather patterns. While Pyongyang maintains its right to develop a peaceful civilian space program, the launch has wrought condemnation from the international community and its biggest ally, China, for defying UN resolutions that ban it from operating ballistic missile technology. While the launch coincides with upcoming elections in both Japan and South Korea, it is domestically perceived as the centerpiece of the North’s efforts to commemorate the year 2012 as the one-hundredth- anniversary of Kim Il-sung’s birth, the deceased nation’s founder who holds the title of “Eternal President.”

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Changing landscape: Jihad in Mali

Flag of Mali

Flag of Mali (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Katherine Zimmerman,Dominic Lisanti | Critical Threats Project

On Tuesday, two Americans were arrested on terrorism charges. An FBI affidavit accuses the pair of planning to “travel from the United States to Mauritania intending to prepare to wage violent jihad.” Mauritania, their travel destination, was not the final destination. Instead, Randy (Rasheed) Wilson and Mohammed Abdul Rahman Abukhdair planned to cross the desert into northern Mali, now largely controlled by militant Islamist groups.

Wilson and Abukhdair met online between February and November 2010. Both were already exploring opportunities to take up jihad abroad. Wilson had been the roommate of Omar Hammami, who left for Somalia in 2006 and is currently a member of al Shabaab, al Qaeda’s affiliate there. He had discussed following Hammami to Somalia with another friend, but ultimately, they never acted on it. Abukhdair moved to Cairo, Egypt in February 2007 and then to Alexandria in February 2010. Egyptian authorities arrested him in November 2010 on suspicions of being active in a terrorist group and he was deported to the U.S. in January 2011. By late October 2011, Abukhdair had moved in with Wilson’s family in Mobile, Alabama, and the two men had already begun talking about where to go fight jihad.

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