Avoiding the Iraq Experience in Syria | The National Interest

Reports that the United States and its Arab and Western allies are discussing ways to place high-ranking Syrian defector Brigadier General Manaf Tlass at the center of the political transition reflect a new sense of urgency that has gripped the international community. The possibility that the regime may fall sooner rather than later has focused new attention on the post-Assad battle for Syria and increased pressure to find someone who might provide greater order and stability during what is likely to be a bloody and chaotic transition.

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RUSI – Bloody days ahead as the Assad regime is decapitated

Assad tanks was here !!

Assad tanks was here !! (Photo credit: FreedomHouse)

A bomb attack killing close Assad officials now begs the question of when, not whether the Assad regime will fall from power. For now, the counterattacks by the regime indicates a worrying outlook for a post-Assad Syria.

By David Roberts and Michael Stephens

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Syria’s Chemical Weapons: A Perfect Storm?

It looks like a perfect storm. Syria is believed to harbor one of the largest chemical weapons stockpiles in the world—which, for the time being, appears to be protected by well-trained Syrian troops. As the violence rages in the country, however, Washington and its allies are eager for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to leave power.


By Sara Sorcher

National Journal


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Siria: Usted nunca imaginó quien arma a los rebeldes

Mapa de Siria

Mapa de Siria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Abal Al-Zawiya, Siria – En la base del Free Syrian Army (FSA) aquí, un grupo de hombres llevó a un prisionero nervioso desde su celda a un coche que esperaba fuera. Unas horas más tarde, los rebeldes regresaron solos, con un camion completo de armas.

A medida que se ha cargado el deposito con balas y granadas propulsadas por cohete, Hamza Fatahallah, un desertor del ejército que se unió al ejército sirio libre hace nueve meses, describe la operación que había tenido lugar.

“Hemos capturado a muchos prisioneros del ejército”, dijo. “Los enviamos de vuelta a casa por una pequeña cantidad de dinero con la condición de no volver al régimen. Usamos el dinero para comprar armas. “

Para la liberación de este preso, Ahmed Haseeba, el grupo recibió $ 500. Con este dinero, Fatahallah dijo que eran capaces de comprar la munición de su principal proveedor: el Ejército Nacional de Siria, también conocido como el enemigo.

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Inside Syria: You will never guess who arms the rebels (Global Post)

JABAL AL-ZAWIYA, Syria — At the Free Syrian Army base here, a group of men led a nervous prisoner from his cell to a car waiting outside. A few hours later, the rebels returned alone, with a trunkload of weapons.

As they loaded the store room with new bullets and rocket-propelled grenades, Hamza Fatahallah, an army defector who joined the Free Syrian Army nine months ago, described the transaction that had taken place.

“We have caught many army prisoners,” he said. “We send them back home for a small amount of money on the condition they do not return to the regime. We use the money to buy weapons.”

For the release of this prisoner, Ahmed Haseeba, the group received $500. With this money, Fatahallah said they were able to buy ammunition from their main supplier: Syria’s national army, also known as the enemy.

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